First HeiSDA volunteers intake & 2017 projects


Good news: HeiSDA has successfully chosen its first batch of volunteers who will be going on the first ever HeiSDA mission to Nepal.
We are very proud to announce that 13 highly motivated and very excited young people will be our pioneer volunteers going abroad to implement carefully selected and well thought-out development projects.
Within the next months, these 13 HeiSDA pioneers with the help of the HeiSDA-team will be raising awareness for their projects and fundraise the required budget for the projects. During August and September, they will then go to Nepal and realise the projects together with the local communities.

In conjunction with our partner NGO in Nepal, the newly formed HeiSDA volunteer team chose two local initiatives that they will support financially and with their workforce.

We are beyond happy to share with you the two selected projects:

1st An education environment project in Nanglebare, Kathmandu Valley:

HeiSDA volunteers will support the local community in improving the education evironment in Nanglebare, that had already been deprived of good education, health and sanitation, when it was hit badly by the earthquake in 2015. The volunteers work at Navin Gram Secondary school to rebuild four class rooms, make furniture and white boards and construct a play yard for the pupils including gaming devices. Some 1500 people in over 240 households benefit directly from this education environment project.

2nd Community building for women’s group in Kanyam, Ilam District:

HeiSDA volunteers will support the local women’s group Mahila Surdoya Co-ooperative in Kanyam, a village in the hilly far east of Nepal. The community has never worked with internationals before. The volunteers will assist in building a two-rooms community building equipped with smokeless stove and soak pit. The house will be used for meetings, trainings, market place and potentially also as library and computer lab. The village has 4000 inhabitants and many households benefit directly from this project as the large share of the women are part of the co-operative.

During the next months, you will learn more about the two projects, the fundraising campaign and about how the volunteers prepare themselves for a challenging task.

Since all this will require a lot of time, efforts and hard work, we are always welcoming new members to the HeiSDA team who are willing to help us in the busy period of fundraising and preparation.

So if you are interested in planning and conducting fundraising projects, in organising lectures and awareness campaigns or simply in working in a highly motivated team of young people, contact us and/ or join the team!
Also, feel free to click the donate button on our website.

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