A carefully selected team of HeiSDA-volunteers will be responsible to fundraise and collect the financial resources necessary to realize the current project. This should also be seen as a mean to raise awareness for the opportunities and challenges of sustainable development work. Trainings regarding intercultural communication and development work as well as safety and health will be organised for the HeiSDA- volunteers in Heidelberg. In the collaborating country the volunteers will have the possibility to gain basic language skills and other important skills during a 4-days seminar organised by the partner-NGO, preparing them for the stay in the local community. During the entire stay the partner-NGO will provide advice and help, if necessary.
HeiSDA paves the way for positive and long lasting transcultural relationships by connecting HeiSDA-volunteers – young people from Heidelberg – and the partnering communities on a personal level.
In the course of the HeiSDA- volunteer program the volunteers will be accommodated by and live together with the people of the local community, supporting the implementation of the project practically. This encourages not only the mutual understanding of people from different cultures, but it also allows the volunteers to experience the opportunities and challenges of development work up close.

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You are interested in participating in a project in Nepal in August and September 2018?
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