Still today, in the 21st century after almost 70 years of development aid there is still a huge gap between the Global North and the Global South. So many developing world communities still lack the most basic facilities like lavatories, shelter from weather and access to clean water.

Surely, seeing that, it is easy to grow pessimistic or simply turn away and accept the status quo – or leaving the job to the big players.

We founded Heidelberg Sustainable Development Abroad e.V. (HeiSDA) because we strongly believe and have experienced it ourselves, that well-planned action on an individual level does make a difference! Out of small acres grow mighty oaks ¬– this is also true for development programmes. With this in mind, HeiSDA funds and helps to implement small-scale, community-owned development projects in the developing world with the support of Heidelberg.

At university and in our daily life we are confronted with the challenges and learn about the issues the developing world is still facing – but most of the time in theory. We believe, however, that it is necessary to put our knowledge and resources to good use and act.

Heidelberg Sustainable Development Abroad e.V. aims to provide students studying in Heidelberg with the opportunity to do that and work on some of the most effective (although basic) development programmes.

We do strongly believe there is a responsibility for all of us to care for the problems that face so much of our global population. And we are welcoming everyone to take action and share this responsibility.

Become a working member or supporter of HeiSDA, or join our volunteer programmes at the end of each calendar year.